Does your Tacx Bushido work OK?

(Chris Leather) #1

I’ve just bought a Tacx Bushido and it isn’t working. That’s annoying but I can get a refund/replacement.

However, having read a fair bit since having problems there seem to be plenty of issues with the Bushido.

I really like the spec on this trainer, but I don’t want to be spending more time banging my head against the wall than training.

So, are people finding them generally OK or are they a world of (the wrong sort of) pain…


(Mark Hewitt) #2

Had mine a few months now, no issues.

(Alexander Ep CVR (B)) #3

Just 1 week and no problems in zwift.


But a lot of problems in tacx software, but it does not matter.

(Chris Leather) #4

OK, good to hear.

Just managed to fix mine. The brake case wasn’t clicked together properly and for some reason this was messing it up…


(Alistair Aitken) #5

Mine works fine.

Only notable issue is that the power reported seems low for the effort put in, i.e. my FTP has dropped considerably since using it. Not really a problem as it reports consistent numbers so I just need to get used to the lower FTP number.

The best bit for me is the lack of power cable, as my kids (and me) used to routinely trip over the power cable of my previous trainer and ended up damaging it (i.e. the bend stiffener snapped). Also the bushido is much quieter than the i-Flow which I used to have.

(Chris Leather) #6

Thanks Alistair. Not sure if my ego can take a hit to my FTP!

I suppose you could calibrate it right on the red to give the power a boost.

With the trainer I have been using Minauro B60 I had to put the resistance level higher than Zwift suggested to get it feeling about right…

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #7

Had mine since the beta and not a single issue, the one thing I will say is make sure that you calibrate it using the Tacx utility on iPhone, make sure you firmware update it using the same utility and set the resistance in Zwift to max.

(Chris Leather) #8

First try today. All works nicely. Watts possibly about 15-10% lower than I’d expect for the effort, but not a major problem.

Did experience a bit of wheel slippage on the steeper climbs. Not sure what the solution would be there. More pressure would mess up the calibration, I guess it could be the tyre?

(Ricardo Cardoso) #9

My reccomendation is to use the tacx tyre. Best single improvment I have done to the Bushido. Not only you need less pressure on the bushido do have it calibrated (maybe more grip from the tyre) but also it runs quiet. The only thing i ear is the chain…

honestly impressed with the bushido.

(Erik Staake SZR D) #10

I bought a bushido in januari this year. I had some issues when i connected it In the beginning. The issues was that the brake was very hard and i almost stod still in the climbings. The fault was My on and due to that i didnt read the instructions. However i have noticed the same issue as you. My watt is significant lower on the bushido compared with the watt  i got when i used My friends wahoo.

(A Simashin (B)) #11

 3000 km on zwift with Bushido Smart.

About power, bushido smart shows 10-30W less compared to powermeters.

(Radek Paprocki PLCR) #12

@Erik Staake

How have you resolved it? I have this same issue. I dont have any instruction. Only Quick Manual how to assembly it.

Thanks for your answer

(Erik Staake SZR D) #13

Hi, Sorry for late reply on your question. Unfortunately I still have problems. However it has improved. I bought a screened USB extension cable and it improved it to some extent. The “brake” problem is gone but i still have ERG drops. These occurs almost every time i cycling. I have still not found any solution for that…

(Radek Paprocki PLCR) #14

Is the Ant+ antenna defect? Probably it doesn’t work correct? With connections dropping I have no issues. How have you brake issues solved?

(Erik Staake SZR D) #15

Hi, I did a number of different things. Don’t no exactly what it was that solved my brake issue. First I checked if I had mount the “Buchido brake” in the correct position. As you probably has seen its 3 possible positions. The correct one for me (I have a racer bike) was the highest position. Then i downloaded the Tacx utility App and checked if I hed the latest firmware, which i hadn’t. I downloaded the least firmware revision and after that I did a calibration and adjusted the preassure for that brake accordingly.

After this actions I was free from the brake issues…

Cheers Erik