Tacx Bushido connected but nothing happens

“I have a Tacx Bushido from 2012 (I suppose not Smart). When I connect it to my Macbook, I get the message that the power source, resistance, and cadence are connected (Tacx Vortex 12552 65). But when I then want to start, nothing happens at all. My avatar just stays in place. In the top right, the Zwift screen indicates that both the USB and the ANT+ connection are fine. I use an ANT+ dongle. What could be the problem?”

Can you pair it to the Tacx app and calibrate it? (After doing that you should kill the Tacx app so the trainer is not paired before starting Zwift.) If that process fails you should contact Garmin.

Hi @Bart_Vosters, welcome to our community in the Forums. This is Juan from Zwift. I appreciate you taking the time to share your concern here. Thanks for the brief description.

The suggestion from @Paul_Southworth is a great one. Additionally, you can check for a firmware update. The firmware is software that physically manages the hardware because it is responsible for activating the different functions that make it possible for the trainer to turn on, as well as executing the commands to start the operating system.

Another aspect that you should take into account is the connection between the application and your device. I would like to advise you to consult this article to rule out possible causes.

If the issue persists, opening a support ticket could be a great option to dig deeper into this and check your configuration. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.