Pairing with Tacx (Bushido)

I try to install the following setup -> Mac OS X, Tacx Bushido wireless (2013 Model), Garmin cadence Sensor (GSC 10). Pairing with the Garmin sensor works without problems - but I cannot find a way to connect to the Tacx Bushido. 

Do you have any suggestion on how to do that? And in the case that this doesn’t work -> can I run Zwift with the Garmin cadence/speed Sonor alone (w\o a power-meter)?

Thank you for your response


Hi Sebastian,

The older Tacx Bushido models are not compatible with Zwift - only the “Smart” models from late last year. The Bushido you mentioned in your invite request was the T2780 which was only made since the summer of 2014. The 2013 model is T1980.

With these models of Tacx trainer (anything not the Vortex Smart, the Satori Smart, or the Bushido Smart) you will need a power meter.

Hi Eric,

sorry I had not realized that there are different Tacx Bushido “versions”. I was considering buying a power-meter anyhow. Is there any chance that you will have an option to connect my “old” bushido to zwift in the future (it can connect via Ant+ to an iPad  -> so I would assume there is a possibility?)


From what I recall, the iPad does not have built-in ANT+ connectivity. Even with the dongle, I believe it only works with Tacx software?

Hi Eric,


I’m using a Tacx Bushido T2790, but I also can’t connect :frowning:

Bluetooth is not supported? If so I can use my Panobike sensors.


Grtz. Tom


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you need to update your Bushido via the iOS update application to get the advanced ANT protocol.  it will then pair with zwift.  Search for tacx and there is a post that tells you how to do it.