Tacx Bushido T2790 bluetooth pairing with zwift

Hi everyone! 

i just bought from a friend the tacx bushido t2790 bluetooth trainer.
i bought it for zwifting. as the T2790 model does not have ANT+ i am trying to connect it via bluetooth.

tacx training app is woriking ok
tacx utility finds the trainer   ok 

before posting i start searching and i find some posts 
post 1 : https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/206088256-Tacx-Bushido-for-Tablet?input_string=Tacx%20Bushido%20T2790 

post 2 : pairing instructions and other.

tacx support crew is telling that its imposible to connect zwift and this trainer via bluetooth because it’s not smart.

in another post i read that you have to use your smartphone as a bridge in order to connect it with pc.
my friend told me that i need bluetooth 4.0 version in order to make it discoverable. 

with zwift mobile link a am able to wake up bluetooth sensor on zwift in my pc but its only recognize the standard speed and cadence sensor by garmin that i have in my road bike.

any help whould be highly appreciated! 

I don’t believe that the Tacx Bushido 2790 is usable in Zwift do to the signal not being supported.


You could still use Zwift with the Speed and cadence sensor.

thank yoy Paul.

i don’t believe either that bushido 2790 will work but before selling it i have to be 100% sure!

with common sensors (speed and cadence) its ok but after a few times pedaling it is the same… with ascent-decsent and rivals it’s completly different.