Pairing Tacx Bushido via bluetooth

I have trouble pairing Tacx Bushido (bought 2016) with Zwift desktop version on my Windows 10 laptop. Windows is paired with the Bushido, but Zwift keep searching. Any idea anyone?

You cannot connect it directly to a PC using Bluetooth, you must use a ANT+ dongle or the Zwift Mobile Link to bridge the signal.

Ive been having issues with my Bushido for months. Never had them before for almost two years. Using ZMA as bridge, tried with 2 diff phones but after a while it loses connection even though controllable, cadence and power are paired. In other instances power freezes and stays at the same kw/g power for rest of ride. The tacx utility app reads perfectly, tried 2 different laptops as well, same issues. Im convinced its a Zwift issue…help!!