Tacx Bushido remember ANT+ Connetion

Zwift should have a little difference way of remembering the Bushido. Since it’s self powered. And need to be cycled be transmit. Hope Zwift has a way of doing this.


“We detected you are using Tacx Bushido last time you use Zwift”

“Peddle to check for connection or choose unpair to connect a new device” 

Planned for sure. It’s a bit more difficult than you might think since it is dependent on receiving and active signal from trainers/speed sensors.

Easier for those that constantly send a signal when plugged in (such as the KICKR and the Neo) but for something like the Bushido, which only transmits when you start to pedal, we would have no idea.

Either way, there has been discussion of forcing the ANT+ dongle to constantly search while in the pairing screen so it may happen. Even then, however, it would just negate the need to hit ‘Pair’ and then pedal. You’d just have to pedal in the pairing screen so that it started transmitting.

Hello to all,

When I enter in the pairing windows for first time, the roller appears, but the “OK” button stays gray. I managed the issue unparing it, then search, and then pairing the bushido again. Also while pedaling, of course.

As side note, I detect that there are some spikes in the cadence data stored in the FIT file (processed with GoldenCheetah). There’s anybody with the same issue? (in every run, I have a variable number of high-rated power spikes).


Thanks for Zwift.