Compability of Tacx Bushido T1981 with Zwift

Hello to everyone, I have Tacx Bushido 1981 model, is it compatible with zwift? Somewhere I read that I can make an upgrade in some Bushido and it will work. An upgrade via tacx utilities app in ANT+ FE-C, is it possible in this model?

Hi, I have the same model Bushido did you manage to upgrade to work with Zwift ? i have been using Tacx TTs 4.0 software and dvds, but want to make the jump to online training

There is no way, sorry.

Hi Fanis,

Do you know why there is no way? or maybe which, specifically, the problem is?

I saw a Github repo called FortiusANT and says it’s possible to connect pre-smart trainers to the computer.

I would like to connect the bushido T1981 to the zwift app using an ANT+ compatible tablet, so maybe we can develop a way to do it.

If you find a way, you can share with us. I remembered that I searched for it but I didn’t found anything. I asked the tacx company itself and told me the same or they can do it but it was better to buy a new smart trainer, I do not remember exactly, sorry.