Bushido Smart Dont work

Hello! Please help me. Tacx suppor answers very slowly. I used my new trainer for the first time two days ago. I updated the software using tacx utility, calibrated. I went into Zwift, started riding on a flat surface, everything was fine the first 10 minutes, until the hills went. There Bushido began to behave inappropriately, then he blocked the wheel very strongly, then very easily, jerkily, no matter whether there was a bias or not. I left Zwift, went into Tacx Utility, tried to calibrate it again, but I didn’t succeed. If you do not go into the calibration, the trainer gives the load jerky, it is very difficult, then very easy, even without connecting to any program. If you go into the calibration, and punish “calibrate” the Wheel starts to work very well, like new. Calibration almost never ends. But if it is completed, then the arrows show to tight, although the wheel is pressed very weakly. And most importantly, incorrect RPM readings, if in reality I spin 30-40, then tacx utility or Zwift show 130-190-200, despite the fact that the wheel is very hard to jerk

Hi @Michael_Ivanov

I’m seeing that you’re running the Zwift game app on several devices. Your Bushido’s appears to be connecting to the server ok, but I noiced that your iOS devices appear to be running v.12.3.1, please verify?

You may want to update iOS to the latest version and that may clear it up. Let us know either way what happens?


Hi! Thanks for the answer. But it seems to me that the matter is not in Zwift, but in the trainer itself. Because, regardless of whether I connected to Zwift or nothing at all, the trainer works like that, in jerks, at first it’s very hard, then for a second it’s easy, then again it’s very hard. And when you pedal with the Tacx Utility turned on, in reality 20-40 rpm, Bushido shows 134.158, 230 rpm. I think the ios version does not depend on this? But I will try to update the latest firmware iphone and check! thanks again

I updated my iphone but nothing has changed. here is a video of how my bushido smart works.

Hmm. That is puzzling.

  1. You said that the Tacx app was not able to calibrate the trainer successfully. I wonder if Tacx app would also work better as well if you update to iOS v13.2?

  2. Is it possible in the Tacx app to manually set your functional threshold power (FTP)? The jerky resistance might indicate that the FTP is set too high. If you are able to manually choose a moderately low number (try 100 watts to start), does the trainer allow you to pedal smoothly?

Hello! Yes, I updated to 13.2.3 nothing has changed.
No in the application Tacx can not be changed FTP :frowning:


I have a bushido too. Try to noy set the trainner dificult to 100%. Try 80% or less to make it smooth. Aldo try to maintain cadence over 70 rpm. In my experience, it doesn’t handle low rpm.