Tacx Bushido smart

For the most part the Tacx Bushido smart works really well on Zwift. The one persistent problem I seem to be encountering occurs in workout mode, specifically on interval workouts. At medium resistances the erg mode functions well but as the work load increases the resistance encountered seems to become dis-proportionally difficult. It become virtually impossible to pedal.

It appears that others are experiencing this problem? Is Tacx fixing it? Or should I look for a better solution?

Hi Johhny,

Thanks for reporting this issue, I know that we tried to patch this in a couple of the updates since your message. If you’re still experiencing the problem, ensure that Zwift and Zwift Companion (if you use it) are both up to date. If both apps are on the current version and you’re still experiencing this issue. Please submit a support ticket here, and we’ll gladly help you troubleshoot this problem.

I think it is somewhat better for long duration intervals. Unfortunately the Bushido is slow to respond and gives way too much resistance to do HIIT. The resistance almost locks the wheel is place for short sprints.