ERG not working with Tacx Bushido


I’ve just purchased a Tacx Bushido and having calibrated as directed and downloaded the app and calibrated through that, I went to ride a Zwift Workout session and the ERG mode was not working - despite ERG being requested. I had to change gears to math the required watts.
Please could you let me know what I might be doing wrong, or if there is a general problem with this - and how to rectify it.
I’m using both the mobile Zwift app and Zwift on the computer.
Many thanks

I am currently having the exact same issues with my new Tacx Bushido. I cant get the ERG to work at all. Did you find any solution to your issue?


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We will need more information, Like what system you use, BT or ANT+.

Did you pair it as controllable and powersource?


Thanks for the speedy reply.

I am usingbtue companion app to pair my devices. Zwift will not locate or pair as a controllable for me. It’s a tacx bushido

Do in need to use an ant+ connection to use ERG?

What is BT?



Are you on PC, Mac , Iphone or ATV?

BT = Bluetooth (sorry I was on my bike so it was easier to type BT. LOL)


Sorry im shite with the old acronyms.

I’m using an android phone for the companion and a pc

If you are using a Pc then my first suggestion will be to get a ANT+ dongle.

Already ordered. I will contact you again if that dose not work

Thanks for you imput

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i am sure it will work.

Let us know if your problems are solved or if you have any other questions.

Hi Guys,

I have been zwfting for a month now and having the same issues. I am using a Tacx Bushido T2780 connected as controllable to a Lenovo Tab4 10 Plus (Android tablet). I can’t seem to get ERG-Mode to work, nor do I feel changes in gradient or draft effects (trainer difficulty is set to max).

Using the Tacx-App to control the trainer, the trainer works fine and I do feel all the changes in power or gradient.

Is there a way to fix this? I do feel like I am missing out on most of the fun here :frowning:

(Just for the archive)

I fixed it! Last night I check back for some firmware for the Tacx Bushido and after installing the latest version 3.1.10, it now works fine.

I hope others, having similar issues, will find this post.

See you all on Zwift!


Same thing here with my bushido. Over windows and ant+ its perfect. In windows it doesn’t reconize using BT.

I android phone app it only find it in BT, but resistence change.