T2180 tacx i-vortex smart

hi my trainer is with yellow light normally green on the motor and when i start a ride in zwift the man just stand still on the road any 1 know what the problem could be ???

The yellow light should mean it’s in update mode.


Amber/Orange: Unit is in software update mode

You could try updating the firmware using the Tacx Update app.

It can also indicate a problem with the brake. That has a different update method, described in this ZwiftInsider article:

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The TTS4 is no more available, we cant use it! :frowning:

So i just buy a Tacx ANT+ and i download the « Tacx Desktop App » on my PC Win10… The app didn’t connect with the Vortex! After plug and unplug the trainer in the wall, the app finaly scan a « Speed, cadence sensor 1 » but still not connect with it… i really dont know what i can do with that…

The light still Orange all the process… :confused:

(Sorry for my english… its not my main language :confounded:)