Red light blinking


Have bought a tacx neo 2t, have paired it with zwift and everything went well. But when I ride a bike, it shows a cadence with about 10-20 turns too little.

the red lamp flashing and if you look for this problem it means that the cadence is overheated,

What can I do to solve this problem

I’d suggest, if you haven’t already, go to the Garmin forums and ask directly there since this issue is related to your trainer and not Zwift.

Are you using the Tacx for cadence or a Garmin sensor?

Tacx för cadence

Have you tried using the Tacx Utility app to see if it reports something?

From Garmin:

One flashing red light:
This light will appear If you have just updated the software on your trainer and there was an issue. Remove the power cord from the trainer and leave it unplugged for 20 minutes. Uninstall then reinstall the Tacx Utility app. After 60 minutes attempt to install the software update again. If this issue persists contact Product Support.

Two Flashing Red LIghts
If you notice the power light flashing brightly along with the ANT+ faintly flashing this indicates that the trainer is overheated. Discontinue use of the trainer. Connect your bike trainer to the Tacx Utility app. View the dashboard to learn more details about the issue. Contact Product Support for further assistance.