Cycleops Hammer Red Light

I lost resistance on the unit at the end of a workout. Proceeded to do the latest update via the phone app, and now I get a red blinking light 4hz “Should not occur under most normal operating conditions. However, you can try allowing the trainer to cool off. The trainer will need to be power cycled in order to recover.” What does Power Cycled mean and how to do it anyone know? Thanks :slight_smile:

Power Cycle, I expect, means turn it off and on, or unplug it and plug it back in.

Unplug it, wait a few seconds at least, and plug it in again. On mine, the green light keeps blinking for a few seconds after unplugging, so give it enough time

Hello Steve, I have done that but nothing… Keep getting the 4hz red light.

Did you find the answer? I`m having the same problem. :disappointed_relieved:

Hello Majo, I contacted the manufacturer, and apparently the temperature gauge overheated doing the upgrade. I sent it back and they game me a new one…

Hi, I’m having same issue on a brand new unit, only used for 2 Zwift rides which went fine. Tried to start Zwift today, rose for 30 seconds and watts cut out. I now have red light flashing every 4 seconds, when I unplug it goes green again, only to start red when I try to ride on Zwift. Any suggestions or is this a faulty unit.

Sorry mine is every 2 seconds. Manual says it’s the radio temperature limit.

Hello Neil sorry to hear that you are having problems with you trainer. In my case the temperature gauge got fried during the upgrade and had to send it back for a new one, try contacting the directly, good luck!