Trainer reboot under tension

hello I have a problem. I try to ride on my trainer, but always after I;m trying to go uphill te trainer reboot after i get 7% and above tension. There is no show on app, but blue light goes out, the trainer has no tension for a while, and after 1 second light get flashed on few colours , and resistance is back. I try to connect via PC bluetooth, and on IOS iphone app. The problem is always the same, when I get on uphill trainer get to reboot. Do anyone have the same issue ?

please help me.

Sounds like possible overheating. Which trainer is it? Still under warranty? Try aiming a fan directly at it.

It’s a Tacx wheel-on trainer, right?

hmm it is not overheating because it drop even on 5 minutes ride on first uphill “zwift france” uphill

It’s a Tacx wheel-on trainer, right? nope it is zwift hub.

Contact Zwift support - sounds like it’s faulty.

You almost certainly need it addressed by Zwift, but in the mean time you might try moving the Trainer Difficulty setting to zero so that all the terrain simulation is off. This might allow you to ride it while you wait for resolution.

ok I send message to support but write here also. Maybe somone have the same problem. I thing the problem appeared after the last update of the trainer

Ok power supply is broken, i borrow the same from my friend and trainer is working complety fine. I dont have reset after full load.