Resistance issues

Hi, wonder if anyone can help? The last few times I’ve zwifted there’s something wrong with the resistance my turbo is set at. As in I can barely turn the pedals over it’s so high even in the warmup part of a workout. I’m using a laptop paired with an Elite qubo digital smart b+ via ant+. Zwift has failed to start a few times recently too

Look at this thread.

I think I get how ERG mode works and can see how the spiral issue would come into play at reasonable resistance. But I’m talking about a warmup that starts at lower than 100W we’re I get my cadence up to about 80 and it’s like I’m pedalling underwater.

Hey Ross have you had any change in your setup at all? Maybe something added that’s starting to create interference? Do you have other devices paired to Zwift besides your trainer?

I sometimes use zwift companion on iPhone. Not always though.

Can you try closing Zwift and unplugging your trainer? Then start Zwift, replug your trainer and pair it again.

If that doesn’t help please feel free to send us a support conversation and include your log files.

Support Conversation:
How to find log files:

So start zwift, then get the trainer going and pair once that has happened? I’ll try that this evening after work - cheers for advice

So this definitely has NOT worked! same issue - like riding up a wall! This is really frustrating as I can’t train and there’s ice on the ground outside. It’s been reported and log files sent - any idea when a solution will be found as I don’t want to pay money for a service I can’t use and there are other options out there

Could you test with other software to confirm that the trainer work as intended?

Such as? Have downloaded Elite app and trainerroad and will let you know in the morning.

I think it’s my trainer as it’s making a loud sharp clicking noise when turning over and does the same thing on trainerroad. :neutral_face: