Hammer Trainer Self Increases Tension

Greetings! Haven’t quite found an issue on the forums that sounds similar to mine. I’m using Zwift with a Hammer Trainer. I’m consistently running into an issue where the trainer increases the flywheel tension on its own during a segment to the point where I cannot pedal anymore. To remedy I have to pause Zwift and wait. If that does not work I pause, unplug the trainer, and get back after it. Yesterday while doing a GCN workout I had this issue on three 400W+ segments in the workout. Doing the tricks described above did not work. It eventually started to happen on 200W segments too. I’m using this on my iPad if that matters. I’ve talked to Cycleops and they have not seen this issue. The problem only happens in Zwift as well. Thoughts?

Hi @Anson_Arndt: I assume this happen during a workout in ERG mode, and it happen when you go from a low power phase to a high power phase. If my assumption is correct then you are experiencing the “spiral of death”. See this link: https://whatsonzwift.com/gpx-to-zwift-workout/

Thanks for the info. It does sound like that can be it. I’ll have to pay closer attention. Is it better then to just do the workout withou ERG mode on?

I would think that is personal opinion. My opinion is if you want to get the most out of your training then don’t use ERG.