No tension on trainer anymore

Has anyone else lost yhe tension in their trainer recently? I have had my Elite Suito since Sept and has worked flawlessly till this afternoon. No matter the grade, the tension doesnt chamge. I even set difficulty to 100% to make sure I felt the change…didnt work. I updated the firmware on the trainer, rebooted countless times, repaired in Zwift and nothing. The only thing different was that I had to enter my credentials when I started Zwift today which was odd because I didnt have to do that before. Were there any updates made over the last couple of days? Frustrated!

Hi Dino, if your trainer is functioning fine using another app then email Zwift support with the version of both the trainer and Zwift app, along with your device (iOS, Win ver, etc). Support will also want to know if you have tried to uninstall & reinstall Zwift - that often resolves a lot. Hopefully pretty soon you’ll be able to Ride On!

Great…will do…thanks!