Warning 6.6 capacitive sensor interface fault

Hey there!

I am currently getting 2x red flashing lights on my tacx.
After checking the tacx garmin app i get the following error: “Warning 6.6 capacitive sensor interface fault”

I believe the error has to do with the cadence sensor as my cadence shown in the zwift app feels off.

Anyone experienced this? Is it fixable? I emailed garmin support but had no reply yet.

Thank you.

Hey don’t know about the error message but try asking in the “Tacx Neo Owners Group” on facebook. Lots of people there with way more knowledge on the Neo trainers

There’s a chap on Facebook who has a page called The Turbo Trainer Doctor. He’s very good at fixing Neos.

He isn’t good at fixing Neo’s at all…

He’s amazing at fixing them.

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