Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer No lights or connection

Hey guys, 

I was getting ready for a nice ride on Zwift today when I saw that my trainer didn’t wanna connect to any of my devices. 

I cheked to see the light on the trainer but there is none! I then went online to see what I should do but there is no help to find.


The trainer is getting plenty of current and it has been working since I got it. I always unplug the trainer from the mains and it will always turn on and light green. This time there is no light or no way to connect with any device. 

Is there a secret reset bottom on the trainer that I just cant find or what is there to do? There are some resistence whenn I cycle but it is the same resistence as when I dont have the cable in the cable turned on. 

Any tips? I have waited for 5 mins then turn on again but still no lights. 

If your trainer’s lights aren’t coming on, that sounds like a hardware problem, and I’d recommend contacting Tacx Support. Hope you’re able to find a solution!

i have had the exact same issue this weekend and zwift crashing three times into my ride

The same fault has just occurred on my unit. I Had just connected to Zwift then I noticed I wasn’t moving when I pedalled.
Checked and replaced fuse, it wasn’t blown. I have emailed support and await their response. No lights can’t connect to utility.

Hey Cameron, please keep me posted.
I have been in contact with tacx support and they asked med to do the following:

We are very sorry to hear this.
We would like to exclude a number of items.
Would you like to try an ande wall socket?
If this does not help you could try another power cable?
Should this not help, it is necessary to contact the seller for investigation / repair."

This did not Work so I Will contact a dealer, and ask of they Can Fix it.
Please keep me posted :+1:t2:

Tacx support wanted nothing to do with it. Luckily I purchased from Amazon. Full refund offered without any question.