T-2700 Kinetic Road Machine issues!!!

We purchased two of these trainers. One worked right away the second one had the issue of a dead battery that seems to be the common problem with these trainers. Once connecting the second trainer, the first trainer stopped pairing?? We had been using the first trainer for two weeks with no issues of pairing until we  paired the second trainer (yes, we put in fresh batteries). This process of tying to figure out how to get these things to work is BEYOND REDICULOUS! The amount of time we have wasted instead of actually riding has me wanting to send these things back for my refund… anyone else have this issue?

Are you trying to pair these trainers to the same Zwift set up Chrissy?

Zwift will only accept Bluetooth signals from one trainer at a time. 

Hi Paul,

No, we each have our own zwift accounts. 

What sort of hardware set up are you using, that is, PC/Mac/Tablet/Phone? 

You have two of these hardware platforms, each with its own Zwift account?

Trainer # 1 is using an Ipad and Iphone 7
Trainer #2 is using an Iphone 6s that attaches to the tv

yes, each trainer is using it own account

All apple products have the latest software updates

Neither trainer is working at all now that we’ve done countless hard restarts of the sensors. Kinetic is in the process of sending two new sensors.

We even moved one of the trainers into the living room of the house thinking that we should split the bikes up. Also, we thought there might be an issue with the fact that the bikes are set up in the garage and it’s a metal building?? But there’s no issue with wifi connectivity out there

I’m at a loss??



I can understand your frustration Chrissy.

If there is a possibility the inRide sensors are not working correctly, that potential issue needs to be resolved with, as you have done, requesting replacement sensors.

Until the sensors are shown to be working correctly, all other potential issues need to be put on hold.

When your new sensors arrive, begin by getting, as you have done in the past, a single trainer up and running.

(A) Turn off all possible Bluetooth sources, TV’s, phones.

Start with the iPad. Check the new inRide sensor is working using the Kinetic App. Reboot the iPad and ensure the Kinetic App has not taken control of the inRide sensor. Load Zwift on that iPad but without the iPhone ZML app running. Check the operation.

When it is running as it should with one account, set up that same trainer using the same hardware on the second account.

You now know that trainer operates correctly on two different accounts. (I understand this all sounds a little basic but it could be that an issue arises from steps like these).

Reboot the iPad and once again check all Bluetooth sources are turned off. (it’s important to ensure the trainer you just tested is not going to interfere with the second set up).

Repeat the whole process (A) on the second trainer, with the second new inRide sensor.

If everything operates OK, you now have two trainers that can operate on either of your Zwift accounts using the iPad and main Zwift App but without the ZML being involved.

Turn off the iPad, check all Bluetooth sources are off.

Repeat the process on the first trainer using the second hardware component, the iPhone 6.

If all is OK on the first trainer, iPhone 6, both Zwift accounts, move that second set up to the second trainer, iPhone 6, both accounts.

You now can say both trainers operate correctly with two different hardware platforms on both Zwift accounts - but not at the same time. That’s next.

I’m gonna leave that there just in case you have already solved the issue.

Let me know if you want me to continue :slight_smile:

If any other of you super tech people can spot an error or issue with this post please do point it out.