Newbie- Help questions

I am completely new and I have set this much up:

  • ipad connects with Kinetic Road machine

  • android wont connect

  • speed- I’m having trouble just maintaining 50w for 10mins- I wonder if my speed sensor is not detecting me or if it’s really just because my cardiovascular is so poorly conditioned ( It has been awhile)
    - I can barely make it through the easiest program so I am wondering if I should just go back to the treadmill. Are there any good beginner programs? Struck shared for about 2 hours a week or is there something that I can do to have my bike better detect me because I can be peddling super fast and it hardly looks like my avatar is going anywhere.

  • I sent for a wahoo heart rate monitor And I wonder if I should get any other sensors or I just have to set up my bike better on the kinetic t-2700 road machine.

you already have all the necessary sensors on this trainer with Inride 3 Kinetic. Well beside the heart rate monitor)
I could go above 800watts with similar trainer (rock and roll).
It would be a good idea:

  1. change your rear tire for special trainer tire
  2. Check the tire pressure each time
  3. Correctly ajust the bolt (about 4 full turns)
  4. Use Kinetic app to make a 10 minutes warmup ride and then calibrate the trainer by using this app

In general this is a real good trainer for the beginning.

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Hi @The_Tiger welcome to Zwift forums!
I love that you shared a pic of your pain cave with your first post! It’s something I’d expect from our forum veterans.

I took the liberty of investigating your ride sessions on our server logs and here’s some feedback.

The Android version of the Zwift game app is still in beta when it comes to connecting to trainers via ANT+.So: 1) your Galaxy Note is behaving as it should with this version of the game app and 2) we’re glad you have an iPad to run the game :grinning:

Regarding the speed: there’s a couple things to customize your trainer’s resistance.
It looks like you may have done the three-stage workout plan called Zwift Cycling 101? The third stage of that is the mini ramp test, which is pretty tough. That has you ride until you can’t turn the pedals anymore, which in turn sets your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). How was that for you?

Zwift game physics is predicated on a few variables that you can change on your end: gender, weight and most importantly your personal FTP. If a workout is too difficult, you can temporarily lower your FTP number in your profile within the game. Set it too low, and you’ll not get enough resistance, tho.

I’m not sure if the Road Machine has a manual resistance level setting or not. It feels like it might not, being a smart trainer. But anyway, check this setting please.

You can try calibrating the trainer by performing a spindown test using Kinetic’s Fit app.

Lastly - check the tension on the roller against the tire. Too high a tension is not good. Inflate the tire to match what you’d ride outdoors, and set just enough tension so the tire doesn’t slip during a hard effort.

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