system crash!

(Bryan deacon ZHR) #1

Riding with zsun tonight in a large group about 60plus riders and after 15 miles when I was in the middle of the group, all the riders vanished,  there names on the right hand side board vanished and I found my self on my own riding along the same course,

no riders at all, no blue riders or any on coming riders, very strange and freaky.

when I got down to 5 miles to go, bingo every one came back on screen, about 1.5 mins up the course but all the group names came back as if I had never left,

I caught the group up with 200 meters to go, and toast!!!

what happen, system failure,

clitch, strange first time ever happen to me riding on zwift after 6 months, maybe to many riders!

listening  to group as then did not mention any system failure.

also use my I phone on with and list on riders in group it said nil, just me on my own,



(Paul Allen) #2

Sounds like your internet dropped for a short time.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Yes, this is what it looks like when the internet connection between you and the server drops.  We try to keep things as seamless as possible and let you ride, but you won’t see anybody else until the connection comes back up.

I am not aware of any downtime we’ve had today on our side.

(Bryan deacon ZHR) #4

Thanks for your replies,

yes it could have been my internet connection as have virginmedia at 150mbps,

it was just strange how I stayed on the course and everyone vanished.

I expected to be drop out of the game and have to reboot but its the first time this has happened so maybe its a one off I hope.

many thanks     bryan d