Switching from monthly membership via Apple to Zwift

Switching from monthly membership via Apple to Zwift direct billing. I followed Zwift Instructions to delete Apple subscription and payment source as directed in self help / support. I deleted subscription but Zwift membership still shows monthly Membership via Apple, seem that it has not updated allowing me to then select the anual membership paying Zwift directly.

May be due to active membership and should run out on the next billing date to then pay annually

I thought the same that has come and gone in March, should have included that in first message. Current membership is under a trial period to conclude after completing whatever amount of miles.
Thanks for that

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Hi @_Jean-Paul, Welcome to Zwift forums!

If you want to pay through Zwift directly please, follow the steps in this article.
If you already did it and are still unable to switch your payment method please, feel free to contact our Zwift support at zwift.com/contact-us and we will be more than glad to review your situation in specific.

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