About membership fee payment method change

I became a member by entering my credit card information on the website. But now I want to continue my monthly membership payments through appstore. what should I do?

You can cancel the monthly payments and subscribe via the appstore, but you should expect renewal delays if you go that route. It doesn’t work as well as paying on the website. If you have no alternative then do it, but if you can pay on the website you’ll avoid situations where you pay but the subscription is not recognized promptly.

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I think the difference is taxes. Does a 15% tax rate make sense for where you are?

Don’t go via apple pay if you do a search you’ll find folk have all sorts of problems with it


FWIW: I have paid through iTunes for nearly 5 years and have had only a few issue, all of which were easily resolved with the ‘restore purchase’ link. So, while there is a chance the user might have an issue, I’ve never found it to be a big deal.