Suunto HRM

Wahoo Blue Sc Speed and Cadence - fine

Garmin ANt - fine

Suunto HRM - doesn’t pick it up at all, ever. It is ANT+

any solutions please

From googling it looks like it’s ANT not ANT+, so probably a private implementation which only works with other Suunto products?

Hi - thanks for your reply, it’s a suunto belt that says Ant+ Dual - pardon my stupidity, but are you saying it’s not working because it only connects to Suunto products and not any dongle, and I should get another Ant+ HRM? Thanks

It’s possible, some manufacturers do pull that nonsense. 


Have you got anything else you can test it with, Garmin for example? Has it ever worked with anything?


What about if you put your USB dongle on an extender right next to your belt?

Thanks I will try that (extender cable), although I have tried putting my chest with strap on next to the dongle whilst plugged into the laptop, or laptop to chest I meant.

The chest strap works on watt bikes at the gym, but that is also a suunto product


I have the exact same problem… looks like Suunto Dual belt it’s not compatible with Ant+ devices at all!!!

Guess I have to get an Ant+ heart sensor to use with Zwift. 

What a shame…

Same problem. Read up on Suunto specifics and it seems Suunto Dual is ANT and IND. Not ANT+

Same problem with my Suunto device. You think with ANT dongle it should work?