Suito slipping on steep climbs


I have bought the Elite Suito in December 2020. I am pretty happy with the trainer and riding on zwift. The ERG mode feels OK; it’s fluctuating a bit in power, but nothing too annoying.

When I ride uphill (9%+) on zwift (with trainer difficulty on 100%) i do get a feeling that my ‘back wheel’ is slipping. I am aware that I’m quite a heavy rider (93kg) and that there are limits to what gradient can be emulated; but I wanted to get some feedback from the community if other people have the same with their Suito’s or smart trainers? I have it when grinding away in my lowest gear (34x28 iirc)

As a side note; I recently bought a Left crank power meter and the power values seem to be spot on. It seems that I’m not seeing the under-reported power that other users have. (Or my left-right balance is off).

Thanks for your feedback,

Hi @koenge

Are you using a Trainer tyre and do you have it inflated to the correct pressure.

Hi Gerrie,

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, the trainer I’m using is an Elite Suito, it’s a direct drive trainer. Internally the suito uses a belt to connect the flywheel, I have the impression that this is slipping.

I’m mainly wondering if that is normal given the weight and steep hills, or if maybe tjere’s something wrong with the unit.


My bad. LOL (Elite has so many trainer names no one can keep track)

It can be that the belt is slipping but I doubt that. I think GPLama on youtube has a video.

Whatever your weight is, it cannot have any bearing on this: your bike (hence - your weight) rests on the axis, not the flywheel.

If you do feel it slipping (and given yours’s is a direct-driver trainer), this is a trainer issue.

btw, reasonable to assume if you produce really high power (“high” as in “2KW” or more… :-)), trainer’s internals may slip (depending in design…).

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