Stuck on pairing screen, asks for power source or speed sensor

My setup uses the following. Samsung Galaxy S10, Windows 10 and Wahoo Kickr Snap. Everything worked fine for a couple of years until I stopped riding for a couple of months due to health issues.

After starting my computer back up yesterday I let the software do the update. Have rebooted all equipment multiple times.

What happens is the windows app starts and then stops at the “Paired Devices” screen. If finds my Wahoo heart rate monitor and also my Kickr Snap. The two tiles at the top called “Power Source” or “Speed Sensor” are just grey. It’s like it no longer recognizes the Snap as a compatible device and wants an additional power source or speed sensor.

I’ve updated the firmware in my Snap and it communicates fine with the Wahoo app. I’ve restarted my phone, unpaired the Snap from the Wahoo app and also the phone. It just seems like Zwift no longer sees the Snap as a compatible device.

I do get messages stating either “You will not be able to ride until you have paired a power or speed sensor” if I just press skip and my Kickr Snap is displayed in the tile in the lower right. Or it will sometimes give me a message about my bluetooth adapter not being active. The bluetooth must be working correctly as it picks up both my heart rate monitor and Snap trainer.

I’d really like to ride, any advice would be appreciated.


It sounds like your trainer BT signal is being grabbed by another source before Zwift can get it. Make sure you don’t have any head units running or another app that could be grabbed your trainer BT.