Stuck in New York


The guest world schedule (in Zwift) shows ‘New York’ as scheduled for the rest of the month March? So I only have 2 options: Watopia and New York. A little bit inconvenient to achieve the current challenge… Anybody with the same problem, or better, a solution?


According to the other courses are also in the schedule.
Worst case, if you want to complete a particular world while it is not ‘on’ that day, find an event that’s being held in that world and that would allow you to reach the required distance.

Make sure Zwift is updated to the latest version. Then restart Zwift. If using an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, make sure to force quit the Zwift app.

Let us know if that fixes your woes.

Have you been using the “World switching hack”?

It seem like you did not update your Zwift software.

So something went wrong while updating the last time? Is there a possibility to update manually since Zwift doesn’t show any signs of updates while starting up right now?

You could delete the \Documents\Zwift\prefs.xml file and see if that resolves the issue (it will be recreated when you start Zwift).

Another option is to complete uninstall Zwift, restart your device and re-download and reinstall Zwift.

OK, what would be the best way not to lose my current progress / level?

Your progress and level are stored online, so you will not lose anything if you uninstall and reinstall as long as you use the same login info.

OK, it worked. After deleting and installing Zwift, everything works well again! Thanks for the good advice everyone.

Ride on! :slight_smile: