Zwift stuck in one world

(Greg) #1


When usin Zwift on my Mac it’s stuck in Innsbruck no matter what is on the course schedule. If I run it on my iPad or ATV it’s fine. Any ideas TIA

(Vincent) #2

Hey Greg, this sounds like it may be a prefs file issue. Can you delete your prefs file for Zwift and then start Zwift again? Open the Documents -> Zwift folder on your Mac and delete the file named prefs.xml. Zwift automatically creates another one of these files when you start it up again so no worries about it being missing. Update us when you can!

(Paul) #3

Have you verified you are on the latest version of Zwift?

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(Greg) #4

That sorted it thanks. Can I say you were more helpful than Ethan from Zwift Support, who clearly had not read my email support ticket or researched his reply.

(Vincent) #5

No worries and sorry we didn’t get the right answer to you earlier! It’s all part of the process of investigation and sometimes it takes a little bit!