No Zwift Worlds Choices

I have been stuck with London and Yorkshire for weeks. No other Worlds appear and the World Schedule in the bottom right hand corner only shows London and Yorkshire. I have searched the web looking for answers but nothing.
Geting bored and need help please. Thanks

Hi @Steve_Lewis_Stevo

That does not sound right.

Did you update your Zwift app? Check for updates in the I store.

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Hi Gerrie

Seems to update on a regular basis but doesnt change the worlds

Which platform are you on? If Windows or macOS you could try to delete all files named mapschedule-something in the folder Documents/Zwift before you start Zwift.


For what it’s worth, the schedule should look like this:


I’m on Windows. I am beginning to think it may be poor internet?

Thanks, looks nothing like that. I know France/Paris is tomorrow so will be interesting to see what choices I have.

Zwift downloads the schedule at start and stores it in the mapschedule file. If you don’t see any mapschedule files in the folder Documents\Zwift it could mean poor internet but it’s not likely if your computer otherwise works reasonably well and Zwift is working except for this problem.

Do you see MapSchedule_prev.xml in Documents\Zwift ?

If not, check the following couple of things:

First, clear the Internet Explorer cache: Close Zwift, hit the Windows Start button, search for ‘Internet Options’. In Internet Option choose the Delete button and clear the cache (all temporary files) and cookies etc before trying again with Zwift.

If still a problem, check if your antivirus software blocked the creation of the file MapSchedule_prev.xml and/or MapSchedule_v2.xml (which is the file downloaded by Zwift, written in Documents\Zwift, and then deleted or renamed by Zwift to MapSchedule_prev.xml)?
If this is the problem, you can exclude Documents\Zwift from scanning.

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Many thanks Jesper great help. I have checked Documents and the MapSchedule file is there. I have cleared the cache and cookies so will see what happens in the morning.

If this doesn’t solve your problem you’ll have to contact Zwift Support for help.

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Just to confirm that I rode France on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for all your help :+1: