Empty & Incorrect map

(David Tennant) #1

Login from my desktop to ride, and I’m getting the Richmond UCI map when clearly the schedule online says Watopia. So I check my laptop which has Zwift when I;m on the road or away from home, and it gets the Watopia map. My desktop has version 1.0.10146 while the laptop has 147. I delete zwift and the files in the application support as well on the mac desktop and reinstall. Download it all and same thing, still has version 146 and the incorrect map which is also empty of people. 

Any solution?

I did just copy the application support files from my mac laptop to the desktop so I have the same versions and have the right map, but figuring out why would be good to know. 

(Dave Musselwhite (M70/ZBR/TeamZF/PACK/RO) #2

Have you checked that the date is correct on your desktop?


(David Tennant) #3

Yes. Date was correct on both the laptop and desktop. 

(Eric Min) #4

Hi David,

You should completely uninstall Zwift on your desktop. Go to Zwift.com and download the installer again and it will install the proper version.