Help! Stuck in London...

I am using Zwift on a Windows PC… I have never had this problem before, but Zwift will not load any other course for me… Saturday? London… Monday? Tue Wed Thu Fri… LONDON… Every day… LONDON… 

Why is this happening and how can I fix it?


Did you edit your worldtag?


I don’t even know what that is lol so no. I haven’t messed with anything. The only changes I’ve made were to my avatar/ bike from unlocking new levels (now level 21, so it’s not like I’m a new account or something)

That is a weird one… Paul: is it possible to delete the xml file and let it build a new one?

Jeremy: Do you have the following file in your Documents, Zwift folder?


I noticed there was another small update… maybe that did not go correctly(?)

Cary, yes, I do have that file in my Zwift folder. I am thinking, perhaps I’ll just uninstall and re-install the app.

Hi Jeramie,

Did you delete that file and/or uninstall/reinstall?

I am having the same problem. Only London. I did not change anything, help.


Because it’s London this week:

I just want to do a training ride in Watopia. This happened last week too.