No more non-stop London

NOT ANOTHER MONTH OF NOTHING BUT LONDON! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Okay, in reality, I am able to get a little Watopia in, but usually I race Zwift on Thursdays and Saturdays and after an entire January of London (on Thursdays and Saturdays) I was REALLY looking forward to a change, that is, some Watopia Thursdays and Saturdays. :frowning:

Fortunately February’s a short month.

Your question may of helped me. I am new to zwift (started late Dec). I have done a few rides on the island and but most in London, starting to get a little boring now. I thought you could ride different areas/locations and different stages all the time, is this not the case? Cheers Paul

Hi Paul, 


Every day is a diferent course. You can see the course shedule in the start menu.

See the course shedule for Feb.

Hi, Thank you. What about the big mountain climbs, do they only exist in Watopia? Cheers Paul