No more non-stop London

(Andy Warhol) #1

NOT ANOTHER MONTH OF NOTHING BUT LONDON! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Okay, in reality, I am able to get a little Watopia in, but usually I race Zwift on Thursdays and Saturdays and after an entire January of London (on Thursdays and Saturdays) I was REALLY looking forward to a change, that is, some Watopia Thursdays and Saturdays. :frowning:

Fortunately February’s a short month.

(Paul Lefever) #2

Your question may of helped me. I am new to zwift (started late Dec). I have done a few rides on the island and but most in London, starting to get a little boring now. I thought you could ride different areas/locations and different stages all the time, is this not the case? Cheers Paul

(Gerrie Delport) #3

Hi Paul, 


Every day is a diferent course. You can see the course shedule in the start menu.

See the course shedule for Feb.

(Paul Lefever) #4

Hi, Thank you. What about the big mountain climbs, do they only exist in Watopia? Cheers Paul