Weekly schedules


I do not always have time to ride during mid weeks and are almost stuck with Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The schedule for January have all weekends scheduled for London. I would prefer the schedules to be alternated so i sometimes ride on London and sometimes on Watopia.

Lets say that Schedule could have every even week set to London and every odd week set to Watopia.

What do you out there Think?


It look like you will be riding a lot of Watopia in Feb.

Some more mixing of Courses will be nice. At least it change every month. 

Here is the schedule for Feb, looks like you will have 2 London days and a Watopia day.

You could also edit the World Tag and ride any course you want: http://zwiftblog.com/world-tag/

Have a look here - http://zwifthacks.com/zwift-preferences/

Hi all, 


We try and make sure the calendar is varied, with an emphasis on Watopia, as it is the most popular of our worlds. I’ll be sure to pass along your request for next month though!

Additionally, these ‘hacks’ are not supported by Zwift and we’re not responsible for any problems or issues that may occur. We recommend not going that route, as it can lead to complications.