How to change my location

We have 2 complete setups. We finally have everything paired up. Next issue is riding together. She’s on watopia and I’m in NY. Can’t figure out how to get in same place. Help.

How can you be in different worlds? It’s only happened to me once that I was in a world that wasn’t on the Zwift schedule. You should be able to find friends when you pick a course. If you start the same course together you should see each other. My husband and I do it all the time.

Make sure Zwift is up to date on both and check the pref file to make sure you haven’t edited it to ride a specific world (worldtag hack).

Her calendar for Oct 21 shows watopic
My Calendar for Oct 21 shows nyc

Don’t forget were android users

Ok, I noticed that in a different thread you never posted that here.

Make sure you go to the Google Play store and verify that Zwift is up to date on both, also restart both devices.

Sorry about two posts. Will try your suggestion

We are fixed. Wife’s phone didn’t update automatically. We are good! Thanks! Over 6 hours working on this.