How to change from Watopia to London

It sometimes offers me to change the route orlsnscspe but now I’m trapped in Watopia.

You can only select a world when you first log in, and only if that world is in the rotation for that day. You could also enter an event that is in London, or create a meet up.

If you end up in Watopia you will need to completely exit the game and restart to get to the world selection screen.


The only way you can change to another world within a world is if you have signed up for an event that takes place in another world. 30 min before it kicks of, you get offered to join that event which will take you to the specific world.

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I made a video about it how to do it. Check it out!

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Hi Jonathan,
thanks, I want to try it.

Just to be sure - the ride is saved as 1 activity on Zwift and more activities on Strava? No problems?

Do you know what Trainingpeaks does?

TrainingPeaks/Zwift/Strava/Garmin all will save it as 2 rides. Here is a picture of my TrainingPeaks feed from yesterday. I did a 10km warm-up on Tick Tock then clicked “join group ride” to go a scheduled ride:

Yes, they all save it as two rides, automatically chopping and starting a new one each time you join an event. The key is that it feels like one ride for you. You don’t have to restart Zwift and re-pair everything.

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Thanks, good to know!