Today I changed worlds(courses) without exiting game

So i was 30 minutes into my alp d zwift climb today when I decided I did not want the wattage graph at the bottom of the screen. I meant to hit g but I hit t and opened up the garage feature zwift recently added. I clicked close and it took me back to the world choice screen and I clicked to ride watopia again thinking it would take me back to my current attempt of the alp…nope… dropped me on course as if I had just logged in…I am beyond pissed off. It saved my watopia ride and counted it towards the March mission. WTF happened Zwift…I cant for the life of me reproduce this again. HTF did this happen.

I had the same thing. Had a meetup in London. Part way through I went to the garage to switch bikes, after closing the garage I was back at the initial “route” screen. I chose London and hit ride. It took me to the “loading London” blue Zwift screen for a second and then luckily loaded me back where I was mid ride however at the next turn it send me the wrong way while my meetup buddies continued on the correct course. It allowed me to U turn so I caught back up and then had to manually select turns after that. Best guess is when I was back to the route screen I didn’t pay attention to the selected route and it actually changed me mid ride. Nice to get back to that screen without completely quitting Zwift but it’s more of a hassle if it keeps resetting my route mid ride.

Same thing happens to me yesterday. I finish climbing ADZ and wanted to change bike went to my garage. It took me out of ADZ. I was so pissed. Just wasted free 16km downhill.

The same thing happened to me in Richmond. I had been riding the flat route. I used the garage to change wheels, and when I exited the garage, I ended up on the world selection screen. I selected Richmond and continued from where I left off, but every time I came to the turn, Zwift wanted to send me off on the UCI course. I don’t know if the route changed when I went back to the world selection screen.

Actually, this is a really good news for all of us! ))
There is just a need to fix the issue with the fixed actual position and route and that’s all, anyone could go and switch the world without exiting and if someone decided to stay in the same world the system will bring him back to the same position and route.

Good to see I’m not the only one. But I would like to know how it happens. I tried to do it again but couldnt reproduce what happened.

I wish this is repeatable as tahts one fuction i like to use to switch from group rides to group rides … without having to restart the program

Id you use the companion app you can sign up for another group ride while riding, then the join button will appear and you can join the other ride.

Hmmm. Maybe that’s the solution. When you want to start a new ride without quitting, can you just set up a meetup on ZCA for your next route?

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