Watopia MTB courde Quit--all data of ride gone


on friday I rode about 90 mins on watopia and the I had the opportunity to ride the MTB course there. I choose it, and somewhere near the end I clicked the “Quit” button. Then I get back to the main road, but all of my data were gone. 0,0km although I drove about 50km.
Does anybody have the same problem. Is ther a way to get the data back?



Yes I had a similar problem today… came across the MTB course and decided to give it a go so I turned on to it. I then got a message asking me if I wanted to use the new steering feature and I selected No. Then it booted me back on to the main road and all the km’s I had done earlier in the ride were gone and back to 0km. Not sure if Zwift know about this bug yet??

Edit: I should add that there is no record of the distance/ride I did before the MTB course in My Zwift or Activity… it all just dissapeared.

I had this issue last night too. Rode out to the course, joined the MTB course and then hit the quit button half way though (need to setup front wheel better). I was then back on the road with my kms ridden set back to zero and the previous ride never saved.