Zwift shuts down and rejoins on a different route in a different world

The last two rides have been in Watopia up the Mountain 8 route. On both occasions Zwift closed during the ride and after logging back on and clicking to rejoin my ride it took me to France, to a route I last did on the HR Ventoux weekend. Quite frustrating getting up the mountain only to have the App shut down and the bonus of the downhill KMs taken away from me. I’ve just down loaded the newest update release from this week so will see if this improves things.

Based on your past posts, would it be correct to assume you are Zwifting using Android? What would “closed” be in this case? (just wondering… you never know when such info may come in handy…)

Hi, I am on Android. The App just closed down completely, taking me back to the tablet home screen; no save option, just closed down. I had to select the App, log back in and then clicked on the message which asked if I wanted to resume the ride. Rather than going back to where I was in my ride (Watopia) it took me to a route in France. The route in France wasn’t the last route I’ve riden in France.

Hi Caroline,
Sorry you lost those downhill bonus KMs! That is frustrating.
Can you provide your device details ? Manufacturer, model name.
And roughly what time(s) you crashed. This will help us find the crash and see what is going on.
Thanks for the report.

Hi, my device is a Samsung S6 tablet. Both times I was riding the Mountain 8 route.
8/10 Zwift crashed at 18:04. When rejoining it took me to France.
9/10 Zwift crashed about 09:43. When rejoining this time it brought me back to Watopia but a few KM towards the start of the route and not when I was before it crashed (I had just descended the bonus climb).

Thank you Caroline for the details. I can’t promise an ETA on resolution, but I will report the bug internally and investigate your issue.
Thanks for patience.

Gotta squash them Android bugs before they end up in the Zwift smart bike. :upside_down_face:


Hi Caroline,
I’ve inspected the rides in question, by examining your log files.Though I was unable to find your exact crash in our system, we definitely had a spurious crash on that older version (56270) which we believe is resolved.

At this point I am closing the issue, but I encourage you to report any additional crashes on version 56501.

Btw the Tab S6 is a great device for Zwifting - very nice!
Ride on,

Thanks Will!