World Swop Idea

Having logged on today and finding myself in Richmond I joined in a 4 lap race.

Very little info was given. No distance, or route. With a few mins to go I joined and found myself in Watopia. Nice surprise. Race was longer than the four laps of Richmond I was expecting, but Watopia was a welcome surprise. 

The main reason I am writing is that at the end of the race I was given the option to stay in Watopia. Nice!  Taking that thought further, for all those who are unable to world swop due to hardware limitations etc, maybe join a race that is in a different world and after the race starts you might be able to quit race (if you don’t really want to race) and you may possibly be given the chance to stay. 

If it works let us know. Now you just need to work out which races are where. 

Ride On.

Routes and distances are given on the Zwift Companion app on the events tab. Also available online:

B Troy. There is “event world swapping” in effect.  The event list will show the world you will be in for the event, which was as you experienced, was different from the calendar. Hopefully this is a prelude to people being able to choose the world they wish to ride on at program start.

OK, thanks for the info I will check this out. 

Thanks again.

Thanks for helping out Ray!