Does Current World change course randomly?

Hi, I’m new to Zwift and have so far done 3 rides. On Friday, I rode the Watopia course for the first time. My wife rode about an hour after me and, when we compared notes, her elevation was about 400 feet less than mine over roughly the same distance (13 miles). When we analysed the rides on Strava, she had rode the opposite direction to me and hadn’t done a climb at about 12 miles (19 km) but says she changed nothing (neither did I) and we don’t change course during the ride as we don’t have the phone app yet and we leave the laptop alone during the ride.

Does the ride change during the day or had one of us touched something unknowingly?

Thanks for any advice.

Do you have the route selection set to “Surprise me”? If so, yes the game might have taken you on different routes.

I will check later and get back to you but thanks for your reply.