Rides in #worldswap not saving correctly

Hopefully I can describe this well enough without tying myself in knots…

If I enter a race in a world other than the Guest World or Watopia (at the weekend, Guest World was NY, and I raced in Innsbruck), at the end of the event a popup appears asking if I want to “stay here” or return to wherever (in this case, NY). One of those options is blue with the auto-select countdown, the other orange meaning that’s the one I’m selecting at the moment - that’s also odd, why is the auto select option not also the default “click” option (same thing applies with the join / not yet before an event)?

In the throes of passion at the end of the race, I grab the AppleTV remote (yay!), and in the process click it :man_facepalming:. I’m whisked away to NY and I know from this moment on it won’t end well, I’ve been here before.

I end the ride, ready to select a cooldown workout, and the ride saves correctly, but with no pictures. Then when I save whatever ride I do next, the pictures from the race are stuck to the new ride instead.

Anyone else experience this? It happens to me whenever I make this mistake in a #worldswap event. ATV 4k if that makes a difference.

This may be a bug in Zwift. We’d like for you to submit a support ticket so we can look further into why you’re experiencing the problem.

As a friendly reminder, make sure that your game is up to date.


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