Allow changing routes/worlds without ending a ride

Allow us the ability to navigate to the menu and select a new route or world without needing to end and save our current ride. This would make doing longer endurance rides much nicer and keep everything saved in one file while avoiding the requirement of waiting for the ride to save and loading a new ride as well as merging the files together after.
If possible then it would also be nice if maybe we could do this on the companion app instead and as soon as one route was done we could have already selected a new route/world for the game to transport us to for our next and it was done automatically. This would definitely make the 12+hr endurance rides easier and with a wider variety.

If you’re wanting to change worlds, what does that do with the strava file or the post ride map and other metrics? Changing routes during a ride makes sense to me though. So long as you can ride to the start of the next one, jumping around from one place to the next doesn’t seem like it would work well.

This is pretty much the same request as the long running one about merging all the smaller worlds into one “super world” to allow longer rides.
Is it really that big and issue to do 3 or 4 shorter rides? Or is this more about wanting one big ride to post to Strava?

I was thinking all metrics would continue to increment. So elevation and distance and such would not reset. You would simply be starting a new course so a 12 or 24hr ride would not have to be done on the same world or require multiple files. Realistically the map when it goes into strava or garmin is just random anyways so as long as all the other stats still increment then it would be good for us endurance folks.

Personally Strava doesnt matter to me. Its more just an ability to easily have a singular activity and not needing to stop and restart a ride to change courses when dealing with ultra endurance distances of 12-24+hr rides. Its just about having the ability to use the system making the activities more enjoyable and easier for giving to coaches or viewing our own metrics.

Even if we could just identify multiple courses at the beginning and it would automatically change between them as the ride progressed and we could not change it in progress. That would be awesome as well.

Strava may not matter to you but it does to a vast number of others. I don’t see any way around this.

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I agree with that. However I was specifically asked about Strava and this has nothing to do with it.

There’s plenty of ways Zwift and Strava could work well together while still allowing seamless riding between worlds (there’s a much larger thread on this already with examples).