Streaming Option

One thing I would really love would be if there was a way to stream Swift from my powerful PC in the house to a low power PC in my garage where the turbo is (at the moment I have to keep bringing the bike & turbo inside which causes wife problems!).  I guess i’m thinking much like steam in home streaming solution.

Not sure if its feasible but would be great for me!



Hi Paul,

There are 3rd-party solutions to this but I’m not sure how effective they would be. You can check out Steam In-home streaming and see if that works (people have gotten it to work with non-Steam games).

ALT-Tabbing back to the desktop on the main computer will allow you to run programs that are not native to Steam itself.

Hi Paul,

I’m in the same boat with you with bike+living room= wife issues. Have tried  streaming using Steam and it seems to works beautifully but without the USB dongle connection which pretty much makes the app useless unless in spectator mode . There seems no way to make it forward the USB dongle / power meter signal coming from the client computer back to the host.  I’m sure the brilliant guys at Zwift could sort this thing out, as I guess many of us wouldn’t want to keep or move their hi-tech PC in and out the garage for each training session. the idea of a host+client makes perfect sense to me at this point and I’m sure there will soon be many asking for this in the future. Keep up the great work !

So, this will work nicely with a 30feet/10m usb cable from the usb dongle to the host machine?


A USB cord that long needs a signal booster/amplifier. So make sure you get the proper cable and it will work.

I’d be very interested in this as well.  I’m currently unplugging my good PC from another room and carrying into the “Zwift room”.


To make things worse my son has also signed up so I’ll be carrying 2 good PCs back and forth.  A Zwift streaming box like Steam/Roku/Apple TV would be great and I’d buy 2 straight away.


I guess if nothing else it’s a good warm up/cool down routine!

You can share USB resources across network or internet using this software:

I have my turbo in the hall and shared back my ant+ doogle to my laptop in the room. No performance issues. No lag.


Copied from my FB post:


Ive done it. No performace issues. I load Zwift from my laptop(Nvidia 960M) in the room. My trainer is in the hall with a TV that has an android box. Here is how I do it.

  1. I used USB gate software on both my laptop and its android version for my android box. My ant+ doogle is connected to my android box and its USB resource is shared via network back to my laptop.

  2. For the TV in the hall, I used Splashtop to remote access my laptop in the room and play the Zwift from there.

No performance issues. No lag in power readings. In fact the power readings is faster than on my garmin 510. But because Splashtop streams the screen capture of the laptop, the video quality is not top notch.

My laptop is connected to the network via lan cable. My android box is on wireless but with strong signal.

Thanks for the info I’ll look into that.

Bumping this post.


Steam Streaming would lower the barriers to entry for this game, which are already high.


It would allow users to potentially skip needing to purchase another $500+ computer for their Zwift home area; or temporarily moving their nice computer from somewhere else in the house and going through the whole unplug / replug process.

I need it myself as my full desktop is upstairs and my TV computer is just a small NUC low-power machine.

I have gotten Zwift to partially work in Steam Streaming via tricking it with another app - but the keyboard does not come through.

The Steam Store does allow games with recurring subscriptions, so the monthly Zwift model would still work with their store. It would be great to see Zwift have better “unofficial” Steam Streaming compatibility - or better yet - become an official Steam App.



I guess everyone has figured to just use OBS by now :slight_smile: