Steam integration

Have you considered integration with Steam (

I would be great to be able to access the Steam overlay as well as tracking achievements, time in game etc. within the Steam platform.


Direct integration with steam would be awesome, however it is possible to access the steam overlay (shift+tab or whatever the hotkey is).

In the steam library window click:

+ADD A GAME… > Add a Non Steam Game… > (Select Zwift from the list) Add Selected Programs

Now you can launch Zwift from steam and access the steam overlay while in game

Thanks for the info, Kyle. I’ll give that a go!

Hi guys,

I have tried  streaming using Steam and video/audio seem to work beautifully but without the USB dongle connection which pretty much makes the app useless unless in spectator mode (training area is in the garage and host PC is in the living room 30 feet away). There seems no way to make it forward the USB dongle / power meter signal coming from the client computer back to the host.  I’m sure the brilliant guys at Zwift could sort this thing out, as I guess many of us wouldn’t want to keep or move their hi-tech PC in and out the garage for each training session.

you could try this

I know this thread is old, but an update regarding the Steam streaming comment: VirtualHere is another solution you can use to stream the USB ANT+ data back to a host machine. In fact, VirtualHere is built in to the Steam Link software in order to stream one device (without needing a license—just install the client on the host machine). So, you don’t even need to have a full on computer next to your trainer.

Unfortunately, Zwift still doesn’t play nice with Steam Big Picture, and the launcher/login window doesn’t display properly, which makes it difficult to get *into* Zwift. However, once you’ve got it working, it’s pretty great.