Best way to cast Zwift from PC to TV

I have a decent gaming PC - 5950x, 3080Ti etc. that I want to use for Zwift.
Unfortunately it isn’t in the same room as my turbo setup. So I’m looking for a way to ‘cast/extend’ the output to the TV.

The cheapest way I can think of is to use Steamlink, and cast to a chromecast. Has anyone does this? Or are there better ways?

The other issue is I have an ultrawide monitor 5120*1440, and a 16:9 TV. I have seen a few posts about modifying the Zwift config to run at a different res, so this shouldnt be too much on an issue.

Any suggestions/recommendations?

I would expect that casting it would degrade the image quality. You should be getting the Ultra profile from Zwift, and you can’t really change that with the config files nor should you need to. Best bet would be use the monitor or HDMI to a TV, I think?


steamlink can cast to the TV in full 4K, I’m just wondereing if this is the best way to do it.

I’ve tested steamlink on my 65" living room TV and it seems to work fine.

You can see from the image what I mean about having to resize Zwift on my PC to fit the standard 16:9 TV (this isnt really a problem).

But I need to buy another chromecast to run it on the TV in the garage (where my turbo trainer is), hance asking if this is the best solution, or if I should look at something else.

I wonder if HDMI over Ethernet might work better than screencasting. I haven’t used any of those products but they do exist.

I dare say that would work!

The only downside is they are over £120 for the 4K versions and I’d have to unplug after using Zwift, as I’d have a second screen I couldnt see.

I’ve done exactly this for over a year. Steamlink app running on AppleTV connected to 4k TV and 5.1 receiver.

You can have Steam Link set the resolution on the Apple TV side or you can simply change the resolution on your desktop monitor before connecting.

Works really well, getting 60fps, 5.1 audio, it’s the best Zwift experience money can buy.

You DO need an excellent Wi-Fi connection. There is no image degradation from my desktop monitor to the TV.

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Not even close I’m afraid.

The ATV does not get the ultra profile.

He’s mirroring his PC’s output to the Apple TV for display though, not running Zwift on the ATV.

It will get the ultra profile if mirrored through steam.
The apple TV doesnt need to do any processing, it just displays a video feed.

One other thing I should point out is that you do need to use the Bluetooth through Companion App as the reliability and experience of using ANT/Bluetooth directly to the PC running Windows 10/11 is ATROCIOUS. I’ve tried the “official” Garmin ANT dongle, I’ve tried various bluetooth antennas, all of it is garbage compared to Apple’s superior implementation on their Macs.

OK, so the elite direto x trainer needs to be paired with the companion app, and not directly to the pc?

If you can get it to connect and have it stay reliably connected to your PC that will work. It is just my personal experience that the connection is not reliable. Try direct connect first and then use the Companion App as a fall-back perhaps?

I think it’s more Zwift than the PC. Apple has a small ecosystem of high quality components compared to the multitude of PC manufacturs producing widely varying quality of products. I don’t think a small company like Zwift has the ability to test updates with the variety of PC hardware avilable. But I have been using BT & ANT on Windows 11 for a few years and is works pritty good. But does flake out sometimes so it’s not perfect. I think when I have issues it is Zwift more than the pc because restarting Zwift will usually fix it. And after some Zwift updates it will sometimes be more buggy than others. I do find that antenna placement is big for ANT. i.e. having it near a fan or electronics is more problematic.

Thanks. I never really got it working so decided to buy a used apple TV 4k for £50.