Can I cast Zwift to a tv?

I’ve just got into cycling during the Covid lockdown in England and now the winter has arrived and I want to carry on so have purchased a smart trainer. Before I sign up to zwift I want to make sure I can cast from a Samsung phone to chromecast ? Any help is much appreciated.

Yes I do this now. There is no cast function within Zwift, so you need the Google Home app on your phone to mirror your screen to the Chromecast. Then open Zwift app and it will be on your TV.

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I use the ipazz portcast app to cast to Chromecast. It works well and i don’t have any dropouts.

If you don’t have Google Home or Chromecast, but do have a smart tv, most tv manufacturers have a casting app for mobile phones. I cast Zwift from my Android phone to my LG TV and the result is brilliant.

Foe some reason, I cannot get Zwift to pair with my Precor Spinner Chrono. I run Zwift on my laptop which I cast onto my Roku Smart TV. Then I use the Companion app on my phone for the controls.

I can cast my Android phone and my windows 10 PC to a 32 inch TV via a Fire Stick.
It works ok and is the only option for seeing the image on my phone on the TV but I don’t use it often.
There is a slight delay between the image on the phone and the TV.

When using my PC, I just use a HDMI cable and never have a problem.