Chromecast support

(ñiqui Palangue) #1

A lot of users enjoy zwift using a screen connected to a pc,or via apple TV. Are you planning to make a chromecast cast option possible?

(Obi dave Kenobe) #2

Chromecast is really designed to stream music or videos (like movies or youtube) from the internet and not from your computer. With Chromecast, your phone or Chrome browser becomes just a remote control that’s it. It really wasn’t designed to send a video signal like HDMI, DVI, or even VGA does.
It maybe possible to clone your screen somehow over your local wifi to a big TV, but it video you see may not be fluid.

(Chris Holton) #3

you can use a chromecast to duplicate your screen as well as playing videos you have saved on your phone so it should be possible.

Getting the framerate to a decent/useable level is another question though!

(ñiqui Palangue) #4

Thanks for your answer, Chris. I know I ca nduplicate the screen, but that is not the same as developign an app for chromecast, as they have done for apple tv.
What I mean is running zwift through chromecast, so that I can use zwift companion in the pohone, for example. I think it is a good idea…

(Terry) #5

chromecast is just a dongle, it isn’t a device with internal storage or anything, so it doesn’t work like an apple tv at all. there are many apps that are compatible with chromecast, and are marketed as such, but these apps must be downloaded and ran on some other device (a phone, computer, etc) and then streamed to the chromecast to be used/viewed on your tv, which is basically where the current support for zwift over chromecast is at.

however, as google cast (not to be confused with chromecast) continues to evolve, i could see there potentially one day being a google cast device that connects directly to your tv (or maybe it’ll be a tv!) that you could install apps on, much like an apple tv. as far as i know, that doesn’t exist yet.

(Amanda Smith) #6

I agree, a chromecast button would be nice. I’m currently screen mirroring my non-apple computer to my TV but I get occasional dropouts since the signal is having to go an extra step and if I want to use my phone (also not apple) I can screen mirror that but if I do anything else on my phone, that also pops up on the TV because I’m screen mirroring. Currently if I’m using chromecast for anything on my phone (Netflix, PBS App, Prime) it will keep playing even if I’m doing something else on my phone. I’m not an IT person so I don’t know how it works but it would be a nice addition for those of us that don’t use apple products.

(Conza) #7

Would be very keen to see this!

(Artur Kubinski) #8

Chromecast too weak processor for comparison to Apple TV

(Peter Buttigieg) #9

Chromecast would be a great additional feature