I would like to see the ability to cast zwift the same way we can cast Netflix. Currently you can cast your entire desktop using an experimental feature on chromecast but the picture lags.  This could eliminate a cord for many people and allow better maneuverability to different screens.  

Please explain what you mean exactly … Thanks. 

With programs such as Netflix, Google chrome browser and YouTube you can cast movies, browser windows etc onto your TV similar to the way Apple TV works.  Currently chromecast works with zwift through casting your entire desktop to the TV.  This feature is “experimental” though  consequently chromecast and the picture from zwift lags.  A nice feature would be if zwift could be used the same way as the other programs and you could cast directly from the zwift program.  In the zwift riders group on facebookf (may18th at 830) I posted pictures of how I am currently using zwift and chromecast.  I’m having issues uploading the pictures here.  If this doesn’t help let me know and I’ll see if I can get you some more pictures or a video or something.  




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