Native Chromecast Support

I see a few people on here trying to cast their screen but native Chromecast support would be nice for the future because I know I get a lot better frame rates for native apps than screen casting.


For those using Chromecast with Zwift, is there a delay between your input and the reaction on the screen?


Yeah about a second or so.  

I was using Chromecast the other day and it was working great, today though, the cast is stuck just after the login screen but the computer is showing the avatar ready to ride. Really don’t know why, any others find this or anyone have any ideas?

To keep all the Chromecast posts in the same thread, I’ve been having some issues lately.  I cast the entire screen (beta) to my TV and first 10 minutes the picture is fine but after a while it starts to get more pixilated and colors blur.  The PC is quality ( capable of heavy graphic operations, CAD, Revit, etc) and my Wi-Fi connection is strong too.  Not really looking for an answer but wondering if anyone else has seen something similar.  I don’t think it’s on Zwift but a combination of Z + Chromecast.  The issue does not happen just using the Chromecast normally with Netflix or anything else.

this needs to happen with chromecast (and airplay, to keep the apple people happy)

and not just mirroring the window, but properly running on the device

Hoping the iOS app may have this supported too!

Maybe we will get lucky and the new mobile app will support Chromecast.  I know I would use it often!

Just got a smart trainer and hooked everything up through chromecast using the cast desktop function. Works okay, but having the same lag issues as others. My question is, would a new chromecast Ultra for 4k content work better, seeing that it’s able to handle more bandwidth. Has anyone tried one yet?

Hope the new Android App for Zwift (not Mobile Link) will have Chromecast support. :+1:

When we can Zwiffting on ios smarphone with chromecast ?

Same problems as many others. Zwift starts using Chromecast, but, after a few intro screens it hangs